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First Minnesota Films

First Minnesota Films, LLC |

First Minnesota Films is producing a documentary on the story of the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Regiment in the Civil War. The goals of the site are to raise funds and other contributions as well as raising awareness on the incredibly important role the 1st played in the Civil War.

On this redesign we want to make the site more accessible on mobile devices and bring some of the content, whether it’s the blog or stories about the men, to forefront while remaining focused on the fundraising goal.

We decided to go with a responsive design to target small screens and tablets while also reorganizing the sidebar areas to bring some of the interior content, like the blog posts and stories about the men, to the front.

The design uses typography to capture the feel of the era as well as beautiful battlefield photography. Mainly, the design functions to keep the content front and center and direct visitors into ways of contributing to the project.

McDonagh Brothers, Inc.

McDonagh Brothers, Inc. |

McDonagh Brothers is an IT firm in Minneapolis. With the redesign we wanted to make the site more friendly on mobile devices, make it more clear the services offered, and most importantly showcase our skills as an all-in-one IT shop.

We decided that the responsive approach would work best to optimize the site for mobile devices. This was slightly tricky because we’re running the site on DotNetNuke, which has its own mobile site builder. (In some cases it might be preferable, just not this one.) In any case, we developed a fast loading DotNetNuke skin that responds to different device widths appropriately.

The site design is pretty basic, using the “layer cake” approach. As you resize the browser the content scales down nicely. The most important thing about the design is that it keeps the focus on the content—the skills and the expertise we offer—and loads quickly on any connection. And the redesign does that quite nicely.


Neal Hohman has been building websites since 2000. His first site was a guitar tabs site—black background, blue text—a real beauty. Things have improved since then.

He lives in Minneapolis and occasionally writes songs. (He also totally wrote this.)